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    Well ive been having issues with my 64GB iPad 3G, after jail-breaking and installing the usual apps i've been having trouble when in safari only having bout 6 or less tabs open i would get a time out error " CANNOT OPEN PAGE - Safari could not open the page because the server stopped responding " so i decided to start uninstalling jailbreak-ed apps and still having the issue, so now i have done a restore and not synced it yet and still having these issues.. for some reason when i go to maps it will load and get safari working again.. im unsure if i should just bring it to apple and if they can exchange it if i can recreate the issue because it happens alot and im not in a dead-zone at all, i live literally in front of the mall and in front of the apple store.

    Anyone else experiensing issue's with there 3g is it just AT&T or is it the iPad? i've had my iPad since the first day that the 3g was available and this issue just happened the past days.

    ok this is wierd when i lowered my brightness from full to half internet started working and this is via 3g wtf... can apple replace mine due to this issue??
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