1. UnLV21's Avatar
    This is what happened. I went to settings>general and reseted everything. I know this process takes forever so i left it on the table. My nephew tried to turn it back on and now its just stuck on the apple logo. I connected to itunes to restore it but itunes wont even recognize it. Any ideas???? Im freaking out
    2010-05-17 05:35 AM
  2. Masterz1337's Avatar
    Did you try DFU? Turn it off, plug it into iTunes, and hold the power and home button in until it turns on, then release the power button and hold the home until iTunes detects it in recovery mode..
    2010-05-17 06:31 AM
  3. happypappy's Avatar
    This happened to mine after I jailbroke with spirit. I reset all settings and was stuck at the apple logo. Put the ipad into dfu mode and restored just fine then jailbroke again
    2010-05-17 06:50 AM