1. x999x's Avatar
    When I open a new window in safari, the blinking cursor goes to the google search box instead of the url bar. I never really paid attention to this before, but now it's kind of annoying.

    Is this just me, or does this happen for everyone else?
    2010-05-18 08:18 PM
  2. kmmxracer's Avatar
    Ya it does it for me too. Doesn't really bother me, but it might now that you pointed it out. O well
    2010-05-18 08:31 PM
  3. x999x's Avatar
    thanks for letting me know, I was starting to wonder if it was just me, like a quirk in the jailbreak or what not. I never noticed while I was still stock.
    2010-05-18 09:29 PM
  4. mitchell209's Avatar
    Been like that since I got one. Pretty annoying, but I usually use my bookmarks bar.
    2010-05-19 12:17 AM