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    Here is my one month review:


    * Amazing battery life. I can easily use it for 10 hours even while watching movies and playing games. Nothing at all compares to this. Honestly when It first came out, I thought "boy it's lacking an awful lot" but in reality i think that it helps with battery life. You start adding all these ports and whatnot and that drains the battery.
    * Completely smooth. No choppiness or anything when opening programs, very nice.
    * Great display. Even on auto brightness the battery still lasts forever.
    * Jailbroken i can multitask using backgrounder and play snes4iphone using my WiiMote, among other things
    * Flash is pretty much a non issue for me. Every website that i cared if they had flash support has converted to HTML5 for the iPad
    * I also thought 64gb would be too little for storage but neither my wife nor i's iPad is filled and we have movies, music, apps, books, etc
    * The iBooks app is better than my Sony ereader. I have had no issues with my eyes hurting, and the app is faster than the ereader was.
    * I use my motorola droid to connect to the internet via wifi so no need for the 3G model, the extra 30 bucks a month, or having to deal with ATT crap 3G coverage (ATT has no 3G within an hour and a half of me)
    * Other than some minor issues that i go into below, the keyboard is great and easy to type on
    * Plenty of awesome apps and uses for the device that you wouldn't think of until you owned one
    * It's lightweight and has eliminated a ton of cords...making traveling easy as hell with a ton more room in my carry on. I've eliminated chargers and pc cables for movie players, laptops, ereaders, you name it.
    * No need for a network card...I just bought an airport express, set it up once at home, and now i can go to a hotel and just plug the Internet cable if it's wired to the APE and im good to go
    * Wife and i can play some pretty fun games like scrabble and ten pin shuffle wirelessly


    * I often get pretty bad typing lag especially on forums. This is the one area that the graphics engine does not do can process HD video and games, but not 1kb smiley faces. This isn't an issue specific to the iPad as my over clocked droid has the same issue
    * I hate the app store. I like the layout, sorting, and searching much better than the android market...however, you cant get refunds on apps like you can for the first 24 hours on the android market. This sucks because if a developer releases and app that turns out to be super buggy, you have no recourse. For example, today I downloaded iBearMoney, a finance app, for ten bucks and it does nothing but crash despite good reviews. So im basically hosed out of ten bucks, which adds up
    * The keyboard randomly doesn't auto cap the letter I when in the middle of a sentence. I have no idea why that is. Very minor annoyance, no big deal. You can see in this post where some of my Is are capped and some are not.
    * The app store still isn't great for iPad only apps. It's missing a ton of apps that you would expect to be out...facebook, bank of america, usaa, etc. That being said this is just a temporary annoyance as i am sure the apps will begin to pour in.
    * You have to convert all of your movies to play in iTunes. Even with a dual core 4.26GHz, 4GB RAM, etc etc...a full movie takes about 30+ minutes to convert using handbrake. So now I have all of my DVDs and TV shows on the original DVD, on avi format on an external drive (in case the DVDs get lost, scratched, etc) and now i had to buy another external drive to hold all of the DVDs in m4v (iPad) format. It took about seven straight days to convert all of my movies alone, not counting tv shows.
    2010-05-20 10:59 PM
  2. suntereo's Avatar
    My biggest complaint is running old school iphone apps in that crappy looking excuse for compatibility mode. I sure hope they come up with something better because I just cannot get used to looking at an iphone app running at 2x or smack in the middle of the screen like that.
    2010-05-20 11:37 PM
  3. bmw7777's Avatar
    To those saying it's not just a big iPod touch. Name 3 reasons why it's not an iPod touch. Screen size alone can't be a reason. I want more evidence. I am thinking of buying the iPad, but I already have an iPhone, and to spend $500 on something that I already have (albeit in XXL format) seems stupid.
    2010-05-21 12:25 AM
  4. Matth3w's Avatar
    It is a larger Touch essentially. There are some things you can do on it that you can't on the iTouch, like the iBooks app (for now until a software update goes to the touch)...but the bottom line is, it IS a bigger touch. If you enjoy playing games cramped on some tiny screen, or surfing the net as such, or reading books as such, don't buy an iPad IMO
    2010-05-21 12:36 AM
  5. weaana's Avatar
    poor screen response compared to iPhone.
    can't understand why they call the screen oleo phobic.
    pretty obvious 3G bars hoax.
    2010-05-21 10:22 PM
  6. tyfly867's Avatar
    The fact that safari pages have to be reloaded
    No real tabbed browsing
    The fact that I had to turn on the all caps function the SETTINGS MENU!
    When install an app, it jumps to a new page even though there is space on the current page

    But number 3 is an easy fix and number 4 will probably be on the next software update.
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    2010-05-22 11:59 PM
  7. CaptainChaos's Avatar
    I still haven't turned on Caps since my last restore. Thanks for the reminder.
    2010-05-23 12:47 AM
  8. subywrex's Avatar
    I would have to say my Biggest complaint is I don't have one
    2010-05-23 06:20 AM
  9. mitchell209's Avatar
    The fact that safari pages have to be reloaded
    No real tabbed browsing
    The fact that I had to turn on the all caps function the SETTINGS MENU!
    When install an app, it jumps to a new page even though there is space on the current page

    But number 3 is an easy fix and number 4 will probably be on the next software update.
    They don't even install apps on the first page anymore. Been like that since at least 3.0, I believe. Maybe even 2.x.
    2010-05-23 06:41 AM
  10. driver33b's Avatar
    The Safari is costing me a fortune in bandwidth. Being an original Win 95 ME XP Vista.....l certainly got used to flitting from page to page....l just hope Tabs comes in or at least an App would come along.

    That is my only complaint....I'm loving' the rest of it!

    Footnote....l just experienced my first keyboard lag....only happened while the smilies were loading!
    2010-05-24 02:04 AM
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