1. flintoff's Avatar
    what you guys think abt that ?? 30 monthly data plan and 3 bucks skype unlimited calling plan for us canada and p.rico ???

    does skype give u any number or anything ??

    let me know if u guys have done anything like that thanks
    2010-05-26 09:17 PM
  2. sursture's Avatar

    A) PC-PC (or any kind of we connection) = Free, only Skype account required

    B) PC-Phone = very cheap (as if you were calling from a land line in the country in question), Pre-Paid via Skype.com

    C) Phone to your PC (or web connection) - "Skype In" account required (will give you a "normal" phone number. (That is the "Skype monthly plan" .... NOT needed if YOU want to call!)

    Skype is SUPER if you call a lot abroad or nationally even.
    Still uncertain - try it step by step using A, B & C above...99.999% certain you won't be unhappy.
    Do hope that helps


    **uoʇʇnq sʞuɐɥʇ ǝɥʇ ʇıɥ puɐ puıʞ ǝq noʎ pǝdןǝɥ sɐɥ ǝuoǝɯos ɟı**

    2010-05-27 04:56 AM
  3. flintoff's Avatar
    i figured out icall from app store gives u unlimited to us landline and mobile for 10 bucks and also it gives u number and you will still recive calls even if the application is closed i think thats pretty good deal 40 bucks unlimited 3g network and unlimited talk what u guys think??
    2010-05-28 01:53 AM