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    Barrons is reporting on a information by an an analyst with tiny Global Equities Research that Steve Ballmer is going to speak at WWDC along with Steve Jobs in a 7 min block. The information states that Microsoft will be announcing that the new Visual Studio will allow programing for the iPhone OS on Windows.

    This would be a big move for Apple and Microsoft in more ways than one. Apple will be able to bring down the lawsuits facing them about having developers only being able to program on Apple OSX. It will also open up a whole new relationship with Microsoft that at one point they both shared happily.

    Hopefully this information is true but we will have to see what WWDC holds.

    Source: Apple: Will Steve Ballmer Show Up At The WWDC Keynote? - Tech Trader Daily - Barrons.com

    UPDATE: Steve Ballmer tweeted that he will not be making a showing at the WWDC. But this does not leave out chance that a different MS representative may make a speech in the 7 minute block. Maybe someone closer to the Visual Studio group. Myself and along with many others are hoping that this is true but we will only when WWDC is here.
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    Now Apple is bigger than MS (BBC News - Apple passes Microsoft to be biggest tech company ) Mr Ballmer must feel honoured to be invited....
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    or incredibly pissed off
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