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    Steve Jobs is just unveiling the next iPhone at the WWDC.

    Anyone else as excited as me?
    w000t w000t

    Any thoughts so far??

    And thanks Kyle for being there and providing us with details


    head over here for the live coverages:

    MacRumors.com : Live Coverage - Worldwide Developers Conference 2010

    ModMyi.com - Live Event Coverage

    ***keynote is over***

    Steve just busted out the "one more thing"

    its video chat
    -apparantly called "FaceTime"
    -WiFi only
    -portrait and landscape
    -front and rear camera

    Flash also coming.

    Apple is using A4 chip for the iPhone.

    40% more longer talk time because of bigger battery.

    Custom glass used front and back. Apparantly very durable

    Video recording at 720p at 30fps. That means HD video!

    Fully white iPhone just confirmed.

    32GB for $299
    16GB for $199
    3GS with 8GB for $99

    Pre-order starting 15th of June, iPhones are on sale 24th.
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    If you're going to post this in the News section the least you could do is provide some actual content and details about your headline... maybe even a picture.
    2010-06-07 08:23 PM
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    lol what he said!
    2010-06-07 08:24 PM
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    unfortunately im not live so no pictures from me... but i'll try to improve it. i just a little over enthusiastic

    i will do a summary but im sure our staff writers will do the same but much better
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    There are a lot of details missing Fill them in!
    2010-06-07 08:36 PM
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    yep, like i expected. pauldanielash just did it. the amount of detail! respect to him. but thats what makes him staff-writer

    as soon as the coverage was over the number of people online dropped by 1,000
    2010-06-07 09:17 PM