1. Soulful2345's Avatar
    Recently I click on a video and noticed how clear it was, as if I was on wifi. I was not I was at work with no wifi access. I live in Las Vegas an am wondering if anyone else noticed this? I'm sure it's due to iPhone 4 coming.
    2010-06-14 02:41 PM
  2. wvcachi's Avatar
    That's odd . . . data speeds should only affect the speed of videos, not clarity. So even if the network were faster, the video quality would still be grainy.

    Clarity should only be affected by being on wifi or not (due to built-in restrictions) . . . Are you sure you don't have 3G Unrestrictor installed on your iPhone? (it spoofs restricted apps like YouTube into thinking they're on wifi)
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    2010-06-17 11:13 PM
  3. XFaega's Avatar
    Nope when on 3G the quality of streamed video is bad. Reason being is because the data package is cut down to work on a 3G network. Here is a example. Go to YouTube and watch a video. First on 3G then on your wifi. You will notice on 3G the quality of the video is really poor. If you do it on a wifi the video quality if very clear. I hope that helped.
    2010-06-17 11:45 PM