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    iPhone 4 was first sold on June 24, 2010. It is ever endowed with “the best Smartphone on the market”. However, recently Consumer Reports released it could not recommend iPhone 4 to consumers.

    According to the article, iPhone 4 will lose signal strength when your finger or hand touches the left downside spot. Some blogs even recommend Apple to recall the devices.

    Our Easy Solution: To protect your investment, there are testing reports showing protective cases enable to mitigate the reception issue of iPhone 4. It can not only dress up your iPhone 4 but also prevent against signal blocking so that you can feel free to call without any cuttings and won’t miss any calls.

    It costs only $2.

    This is the solution of the problem: recommendation: TinyDeal, Mobile Phone, MP4/MP3, PC/Game Gadgets, Watch
    2010-07-17 05:09 AM
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    in before ban!!!!
    2010-07-17 05:30 AM
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    in before ban!!!!

    This is really the solution of the iPhone, please check the news.
    2010-07-17 05:33 AM
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    2010-07-17 05:45 AM
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    2010-07-17 05:48 AM
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    The protective cases have many color, and it can dress up your iPhone.
    2010-07-27 05:49 AM
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    I like this one, Mirror Screen LCD Protective Film for iPhone 3G 3Gs

    2010-08-16 03:16 AM
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    Slim leather case for iPhone 2G/ 3G/ 3GS/ 4(4G,4 th Gen)
    Featured with slim profile, great protection, and quick access

    2010-08-16 10:42 AM