1. allanes5's Avatar
    I've noticed on a consistent basis that my wifi+3g version ipad drains about 10% or more battery while sleeping over night. Or sleeping for the matter.

    I have push notifications off, blue tooth off, location services off and no sim card since I am not subscribed to celular data services.

    My wife has the wifi only version and her battery does not drain while sleeping at all.

    Did a test last night. Both ipads were at 100%. When I woke up in the morning mine was at 89% and hers at 100%.

    Is this normal on the wifi+3g model or am I missing something here?

    Please advise.
    2010-07-30 12:49 AM
  2. Go Gators's Avatar
    I have the wifi+3G model and mine does not do that. I would do a restore through iTunes and then set up as New iPad and not from Back up. That should fix the battery issue.
    2010-07-30 01:23 AM
  3. tigermann74's Avatar
    i didnt realise that when i bought my ipad 64GB wifi+3G (in america while on vacation) that an AT&T sim card was in the device - when i started using it (when i got home to Australia) i was charging it 2 or 3 times a week.

    what i think the ipad was doing was because there was a sim card in it (even tho i didnt have a data plan) it was searching for a network - hence using the battery to do so.

    once i took the sim card out it doesnt search anymore, and less battery drainage.
    2010-09-29 03:32 PM