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    Protecting your phone with just a four number passcode might be OK for some.

    But when it comes to my iPad, I wanted to make it a bit more secure.

    Back in July last year I looked into this for my iPhone and came across a very easy solution. Well the solution was aimed at Enterprise IT departments, enabling medium to large companies to create there own mobileconfig file and email the file to all employees who use there iPad's for work.

    It makes sense more now than ever with the passcode crack/software, just released that can obtain passwords from your back ups. Whether changing the numerical Passcode to an alphanumerical one will help with this, I very much doubt.

    But it will help make it a lot harder for one of my/your acquaintances or a thief to gain access to my/your personal data. which has got to be a good thing

    All you need is the latest version of "iPhone Configuration Utility" available for both Windowz and Mac and can be downloaded from here:

    Apple - Support - iPhone - Enterprise

    (This does support the iPad even though its called "iPhone Configuration Utility").

    1) Once you've downloaded it, instal it then open it.

    2) You will need to click on Configoration Profiles in the left column, then click new/Add (top left).

    In the second column you will only need to look at General and Passcode.

    After you've clicked Add you'll need to go to General there you'll need to name it (whatever you like) and then fill in the identifier I used the same name in both. then check if security is set to always, this allows it to be removed/unistalled from within Settings.

    Now go to Passcode; you'll need to check the first 3 tick boxes,

    1) Require Passcode on Device.
    2) Allow simple value.
    3) Require alphanumeric value.
    I left everything else set to 0 or None exept for "Max Passcode Age" change this to 730 and change "Maximum number of failed attempts" if you feel the need. I set mine to 10. So After 10 failed attempts my device will be wiped.

    Thats it. now export it, to somewhere you can easily find it; I exported mine to my Desktop, leave the security set to None.

    Now email the file to yourself, Remember to send it to the email address that you use on your iPad, as you'll be installing it from there.

    Now check your email on your iPad, click on the attatchment, it will ask you for a Passcode twice (REMEMBER to Remember the Passcode you use)and install. Now you can lock your iPad with a proper password. You can also view your new Password Policy and uninstall it from within Settings >General >Profiles.

    When you've entered your new Alphanumerical passcode press the return key on the keyboard ;-) which is the Cancel key in the picture :-P once you enter anything in the box above the keyboard the cancel key changes to Return.

    Here's a Pic:

    For more instructions see my previous post for the iphone:


    I Hope this helps someone.

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    I like it thanks
    Are you having fun yet
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    I want to comment here since this is the second Google result for searches about iPhone/iPad passcodes, and it's outdated.

    If you want a longer and/or more complicated passcode, all you need to do is got to Settings: General: Passcode Lock (you'll need to enter your passcode to get there). Then slide the "Simple Passcode" switch to "Off". Now you can enter an alphanumeric passcode instead of the 4-digit one (not sure what the maximum length is, though).
    2011-04-15 11:29 PM