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  1. benderO1's Avatar
    I got my iPad a couple months ago with a Bell sim card. It is now jb on 3.2.1.
    Bell won't activate over the phone anymore and I can't do it on iTunes without updating to 3.2.2 and saying good bye to jb!
    Is there a work-around to this?
    Any help much appreciated!
    2010-08-24 08:33 PM
  2. lumberjak's Avatar
    As far as I know iTunes will only activate for Rogers, not Bell or Telus. I have Telus for mine and I went into a Telus store. All they did was activate the sim, they never needed the iPad itself to activate.

    Do make sure though if you have SBSettings on your iPad that the 3G is set to "on". I had a serious issue trying to get the Telus sim to work before I realised I myself had disabled 3G in SBsettings when i got it
    2010-08-30 07:32 PM
  3. benderO1's Avatar
    Thanks but it appears as though the carrier version must be updated to 8.1 from my current 6.1 and the only way t do that is d/l the latest update which unjailbreaks the iPad.
    Without the update it won't show the account set-up screen. This is telling me that unless I conform to Apple's restrictions as to what apps I run they will not allow me to join Bell's 3G network. If otherwise, I could load the carrier update separately from the 3.2.2 package.
    The only method of activation for Bell and Rogers is "self-activation" using the iPad.
    2010-09-01 02:16 AM