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    I found virtually nothing on here nor on the 'net when searching for this for the iPad, but I figured it out. So:

    If you have a supported Carrier, search, it works as before. I have an iPad in Russia and my Carrier is MTS, which is not supported.

    What I did was to SSH into my iPhone and retrieve the MTS_ru.bundle from /System/Library/Carrier Bundles.

    Open the bundle file (on mac it is the "show package contents" option in the right click menu. sorry windows folks, I don't remember your OS any longer but I am sure you can figure it out)

    Replace the FSO and the Default logos with those of your choice. (google them) in my case


    There are in the zip attached along with ones for beeline as well. Forgot where I got them, my apologies to the original artist

    Then the difficult part (sort of):

    You need to edit the Info.plist file.:

    I simply compared it to the ATT file that was on the iPad already.

    Edit the DTPlatform version to 3.2 (my phone is on IOS4)

    The minimumOSVersion key to 3.2

    The DTSDKName to iphoneos 3.2 internal.

    Then delete the version.plist file. This is important, had me banging my head for at least an hour.

    Upload this to your /System/Library/Carrier Bundles folder on the iPad and set permissions recursively to 755.

    Then simply create a symlink to the bundle file in the /System/Library/Carrier Bundles folder, using your carriers MNC (mobile network code). I used the Terminal program on the Mac, but if I remember, SCP has the terminal function built in for you Microsoft users.

    If your iPhone is at 3.xx maybe you can just copy and paste, I haven't one any longer, so I can't say.

    Reboot and presto-chango! As my friends from the UK would say, "Bob's your uncle"

    I also changed the 3G logo to the cool fireball one, but that works just like on the phone, so no need to explain
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    2010-09-17 11:31 AM