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    Hello All -

    Recently, my wife dropped her iPad in the bathtub. I tried many things to get it working again including the rice method, but eventually had to dissasemble it to dry it out.

    I did so and placed the two halves against a fan for 24 hours to dry. This morning, I reassembled it and started it up.

    Everything seemed to work great and the moisture in the screen was gone too. The only problem was that the touchscreen would let me "slide to unlock" when turned horizontal, but would not respond to touches when vertical. The middle of the screen was not working either as I use a passcode which I could not enter.

    I know it was either moisture or something I did wrong opening it, but don't know what. The only thing that I can see that may be bad is it looks like I may have nicked the digitizer cable. (Screenshots below) Before wasting $100, I wanted to check here first and see if anyone had suggestions - Thanks!
    2010-10-24 02:17 AM
  2. kvizzel's Avatar
    did the water sensors go off?

    if not take it in.
    2010-10-24 05:58 AM
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    im sure the water sensors went off..it fell in the bath tub

    You maybe out of luck. I'm surprised you got it working as much as you did considering it was submerged in water
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    2010-10-24 08:20 PM