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  1. back9player's Avatar
    So I was watching TV last night and saw the Sprint commercial that shows you all the cool things you can do with your Evo.

    Then the commercial comes up to the part where you can create your own WiFi hotspot. Which is a cool feature and all but when the lady in the commercial turns on her hotspot (no pun intended); A dude in the background who she seemingly does not know props his head up from staring at his laptop, cracks an evil grin, looks around suspiciously and goes back to work.


    So is Sprint encouraging their customers to let strangers logon to their mobile hotspots? And if so, why? I can think of a million reasons why one should not do that...
    2010-10-25 09:48 PM
  2. i.Annie's Avatar
    That's like MyWi then for iPhone, right? Of course I'd use MyWi for MYSELF to connect to MY Internet service from MY device, lol. Why the hell would I wanna let someone use my stuff? Lol Sprint is so silly...
    2010-10-25 10:18 PM
  3. Nickjudd's Avatar
    Sprint = ghetto!!!
    2010-10-31 02:04 AM