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    How would I transfer my iPad music to my PC?

    My computer crashed and all my music is on my iPad.


    2010-11-11 07:40 AM
  2. Imahottguy's Avatar
    You are in luck! There are several options to get your music back, but I like MediaMonkey the best. In addition for MM being the best audio playback app, it also can sync music players- even iPods. Why does this matter? Well, MM also allows you to pull content off of your device. So, go to, download the free version. Install it, and then connect your iPad. You will be able to view all of the music on it. Select all of the music and then right-click and select "Send to..." and choose either "Folder (Copy)" or "Folder (Move)". Then, just choose the destination you want to copy or move the files to. Now, you will notice that the file format will be XXXX.yyy, where XXXX is a combo of upper case letters, and yyy is the format. To get the files renamed back to normal, simply drag-and-drop all of the music into MM. Select it all, right-click and choose "Auto-Organize Files". A window will pop up, allowing you to choose how the files will be named. The cleanest format i have found is ".\<Artist> - <Title>" . There may be a few issues with names, but you can figure that out. And actually, you can even tell MM to create album directories, or artist or whatever. Once complete, you will have all of your music back on your PC, named properly. Now you can drag-and-drop it into iTunes.

    NOTE: I love MediaMonkey, it is a wonderful audio player and a great tool for organizing ones music. i hope this post helps :-)
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    2010-11-11 03:36 PM