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    I know. Your probably saying "Duh everette" but if your actually thinking about putting this little jewel on your iPod, you might want to hear pros and cons of this

    1)faster than any jailbreaks before!
    2)Easy to use and unteathered!
    (those are the only pros...not many)

    1) Glitchy on a few jailbroken apps
    2) (as always)Battery is shortened when using this
    3) when you restore there are problems.

    Problems? What problems! Well. When I restored it told me my 32gb iPod touch was a 1st gen 4gb(NONEXISTENT!) that's not a huge problem, but on restore when used your iPod has to be restored to get that whole STD of a jailbreak outa the system. So restore a few times to flush it out

    2010-12-02 01:39 AM
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    Forgot a picture to go along.
    Attached Thumbnails GeoHot and Limera1n-imageuploadedbymodmyi.jpg  
    2010-12-02 01:41 AM
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    I was thinking about useing limera1n to jail break my 4th gen. iPod ios 4.1 because I'm dieing to use the emulator to play pokemon I have a wall charger so outside of school I always have it in the charger do you think the battery will last 6 hours of use off the charger or should I try to find another jb to use?
    2011-02-06 11:35 PM