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    You know that iTunes app on your iDevice (Touch or Phone) that says you can download on the go and listen without a computer? Well kinda sucks how you have to pay, right? I'm a jailbreak n00b so I don't want to get dTunes and deal with torrents, terminal commands, and all that stuff. So I found a really easy (AND FREE (but I don't know for how long so hurry up ) way to download music.
    No, it's not MewSeek. Or how to get a hacked version of it. Nothing like that.
    Nope. It's so simple.
    It's called Grooveshark. Yep. Pretty awesome name. Go to Cydia and search for Grooveshark and install it.
    1) Go to Grooveshark.com on your computer or iDevice and register. This isn't mandatory but it makes EVERYTHING easier.
    2) Open the Grooveshark app. I don't remember but I think the first thing that pops up is like Login or something so go ahead and do that.
    3) Once you're in, search for a song in that search bar that says "Search for music". (i.e. "Like a G6")
    4) Choose a song from the list.
    5) It will start to load and play, but press pause.
    6) Tap the plus (+) button next to the song name on the top left corner.
    7) Select or create a new playlist. My playlist is named "Blah".
    8) Tap the "Search" arrow in the top left corner to go back to the search results page.
    9) Search for as many songs as you'd like. I don't THINK there are any limits... because Grooveshark is an awesome service.
    10) Keep adding them to the playlist you created. I don't think I can explain this step. Just add to the same list.
    11) Go back to the Grooveshark main page.
    If you're at a song page then press "search" arrow in the top left hand corner, then cancel at the top right.
    If you're at search results just tap Cancel at the top right.
    12) Tap Playlists.
    13) Tap your playlist.
    14) Now at the very bottom bar of the page you see a Play button, this little down arrow, a side arrow, and a trash icon. Click the little down arrow (the one next to the play button).

    15) This will download all the songs in your playlist. Wait.
    16) NOW. Press the Playlists arrow button thing in the top left corner. Press the grid button to get to the main page.
    17) Go to settings.
    18) Scroll down. Under Application Mode select Offline Mode.
    19) Tap yes if it says it will clear queue. You have saved a playlist. You didn't need a queue.
    20) Tap the grid button to get to the main page.
    21) Tap "Offline Songs".
    22) You're done! Tap a song to play it. You can try to disable your Wifi/3G to see if it will really play without internet. Go ahead!

    NOTES: This won't import your downloaded songs into your iTunes library. You will have to play it with Grooveshark, not the default iPod music application. Sorry, but it is free and a way!

    Have fun! Comment and I'm a n00b but I'll try to help!

    EDIT: THIS APP SUCKS BALLS. EITHER BUY MEWSEEK PRO FROM CYDIA, TRY TO GET DTUNES TO WORK, OR DO WHAT I DID AND GET DOWNLOADS MANAGER FROM **********. It's called Downloads but that name's too general (i.e. John Smith) so search Downloads Manager. It lets you download anything (not torrents though) and it has a Media Player in it. It's like DTunes but for me it actually works.
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