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    Does this open up the doors for Sprint, Alltel, Cricket and other non-gsm carriers?

    Anyone have any idea? I'm guessing this thread might get a lot of hits, hopefully the title isn't misleading. I hope to see some insightful answers and hope that this thread becomes a more useful source of information soon.
    2011-01-13 02:44 AM
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    There is no unlocking cdma.
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    2011-01-13 03:30 AM
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    There will be more information when the phone is released, but right now we know that:

    Verizon post-paid phones have a SPC of 000000. The SPC (also sometimes referred to as MSL) is the code required to access the programming on a CDMA phone. Even on carriers where it isn't all zeros, it's usually easily obtained by claiming your phone requires "manual programming".

    CDMA phones aren't unlocked, they're reflashed. This means flashing a new PRL to the phone and setting the home system ID. That gets you talk and text. There are various data settings required to get Internet access and MMS working, and it's similar to GSM but usually done either through the phone's programming menu or via QPST software.

    CDMA phones are identified on the network by their MEID (the electronic serial number of the phone). While MetroPCS and Cricket will allow you to bring your own device, Sprint maintains a database of all the phones ever sold for their network and will not allow you to activate a non-Sprint phone.

    It remains to be seen if the Verizon iPhone will be locked down any harder than is normal for CDMA phones, and if Sprint will finally revise their position on bringing your own devices.
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    As it stands currently, you might be able to flash over to Cricket or MetroPCS (probably losing some features in the process, you do with Droids and Blackberries), but you will not be able to bring a Verizon iPhone to Sprint.

    However, when the iPhone to VZW announcement was made, Apple made it clear that it is not an exclusive CDMA contract and that they have purposely left the door open for possible Sprint and T-Mobile (though they are GSM, not CDMA) iPhones in the US in the future.

    My guess is that we will see it come to T-Mobile before the end of the year, but that Sprint might take some time due to the fact that they're using a different 4G technology than the rest of the companies (and the majority of the rest of the world, for that matter).

    While that doesn't matter for current iPhones, when the 4G model is finally announced (in 2012, I believe) it will.
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    2011-01-14 04:06 PM
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    CDMA workshop flash to cricket ftw
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    2011-01-28 08:42 AM