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    I noticed that in the confirming email, besides the "order reference number" of sixteen digits, there is an "order number" which is only 5 digits. I'm wondering if such a low number is an indication of how many they actual sold. My email came at 7:34 AM EST and the order number is in the mid 27,000's. What about other people? Perhaps it equals the total number of all phones they sold since midnight? But I bet a large majority of the phones they sold Thursday were iPhones. So what is the time stamp on your confirming email, and your approximate order number? Any really low numbers for people who bought at 3AM EST?

    EDIT: A market analyst estimates they had 100,000 available for pre-sale. Supposedlyly another batch will be available for pre-sale next Wednesday, before Open Season begins on Thursday.
    Verizon Flew Through 100K iPhones - TheStreet
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    Apple analysts are predicting about one million sold by March 31st. But I wouldn't be surprised if they sold nearly 700,000 today. Plus the 100,000 preorders.
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