1. Nerfsqueezer's Avatar
    OK, now that Verizon has the iPhone and many people will be either switching from AT&T or another carrier it's time to get your $25 bonus.

    When you refer someone and they sign up for 1 Verizon service both parties receive a $25 Verizon American Express Gift Card. If they sign up for 2 or more services it is $50.

    I have some referrals left so if you are signing up for Verizon services PM me your:

    First and Last Name
    Email Address
    State you live in
    email address

    I will enter the referral immediately so we can both benefit from being a Verizon customer.
    2011-02-06 12:24 AM
  2. MassAppeal16's Avatar
    I work for Verizon and can also help with this. There are some catches. MUST be a NEW line of service, not an add a line or upgrade. Also you cannot receive a discount on your bill for whatever reason. If you fit this criteria send me a pm and I will set you up. Thanks guys!
    2011-02-10 07:08 PM