1. want2race's Avatar
    So... all of my push notifications are working EXCEPT Facebook. Anyone else having this problem? All of my push notifications are turned on, including Facebook.

    Anyone know how to fix this???

    Thanks in advance.
    2011-02-25 03:23 AM
  2. Sailor-girl's Avatar
    You might need to go into Facebook settings on your pc and make sure that the Facebook app has permission. Sometimes causes this.
    2011-02-25 03:37 AM
  3. want2race's Avatar
    Ok..> Checked FB online on my PC. Everything seems to be set up correctly. Still not receiving FB push notifications.

    I even tried uninstalling/re-installing Facebook. No bueno.

    Any more suggestions?
    2011-02-25 12:22 PM
  4. SirZyrion's Avatar
    I've had the same problem and it's hit or miss, even after deleting and reinstalling. I think it's the app though because it was like that on my 3Gs on t-mobile, and it's still like that on my iPad 2.
    2011-07-04 06:25 PM