1. WakaWaka's Avatar
    Hi people now i gotta say im not an expert but i strongly recommend that U DONT UPDATE TO 4.3 AND IF U DID DOWNGRADE TO WHATEVER OTHER FIRMWARE U WANT because i think mobile substrate will not work at all or at least not properly meaning that apps and tweaks like sbsettings and winterboard will either not work at all or not properly but dont worry im sure that soon this will be resolved BUT IN THE MEANTIME DONT UPDATE OK THNX FOR READING!!!!!!!
    2011-03-25 10:26 PM
  2. thecartuner77's Avatar
    works now. also ios 4.3 has horrible battery life
    2011-03-27 07:20 PM
  3. WakaWaka's Avatar
    really didn't know THANKS FOR MENTIONING IT!!!
    2011-03-28 04:25 AM