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    A friend of mine just recently purchased verizon iphone4 with the following specs:

    Version: 4.2.5 (8e128)
    Modem FW: 1.0.05

    I am on the AT&T network with my iphone4 and have jailed broke my device w/no problems.

    Where I have question is this for the VZN iphone4 JB.

    - what is the current iOS for the VZN iphone?
    - anything that I need to be aware of b4 jb on VZN iphone?

    Please advise and Thank You,

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    2011-04-10 06:05 AM
  2. Cowboy's Avatar
    4.2.6 you can jb with redsn0w,pwnagetool,or sn0wbreeze
    2011-04-10 06:08 AM
  3. invisiblelight's Avatar
    as I was reading further from the other posts, at present 4.2.6 is the current iOS for VZN iphone?

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    2011-04-10 06:18 AM
  4. Cowboy's Avatar
    Yes that what i just said lol
    2011-04-10 06:23 AM
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    gracias amigo.....
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    2011-04-10 06:28 AM
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    No problem anything else?
    2011-04-10 06:29 AM
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    I would repeat what you said but it might be annoying
    2011-04-10 06:45 AM
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    2011-04-10 06:46 AM
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    Do you know how to type that face you just made? I've been trying to figure that out lol. Or do you just click the emoticon?
    2011-04-10 06:48 AM
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    YUp X D with out the space
    2011-04-10 06:55 AM
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    Oooh capital x. I keep using lowercase!
    2011-04-10 06:57 AM
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    Yup capitol makes all the difference need to know how to make anymore faces i got them all memorized lol
    2011-04-10 06:58 AM
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    Lol you emoticon guru!

    Last one I promise! The facepalm one?
    2011-04-10 07:02 AM
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    : facepalm : with out the spacing
    2011-04-10 07:03 AM
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    Lol thanks Wes. You rock.
    2011-04-10 07:08 AM
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    No probelm
    2011-04-10 07:14 AM
  17. invisiblelight's Avatar
    I heard that VZN is able to tell your device is jailbroken. How is this so and what can be prevented from them knowing? Also, if I bought the device straight out would it even matter?

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    2011-04-13 10:11 PM
  18. i.Annie's Avatar
    I've never heard of that. If anything Apple may be able to but certainly not the cell carrier (without seeing obvious traces of jb).
    2011-04-13 11:02 PM
  19. invisiblelight's Avatar
    yah, i thought so. a friend from work just recently purchased iphone through VZN and mentioned something about that. I would imagine if apple had the means this would be BIG news.

    thank you,

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    2011-04-15 12:07 AM