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    nevermind, lock this. For some reason there were 2 "Camera" and "Photos" in the list. I picked the first ones, but once I switched to the second ones the password popped up.

    I've been looking for a while to try to find a way to password protect my photos/camera/phone apps, but didn't want to password protect the whole phone because I use it as an iPod in the car and don't want to unlock the phone everytime I wanna change the song or have to unlock the phone for a friend if they wanna change the song. I was looking through the Cydia Featured apps today and saw iProtect which looks exactly like what I need. I downloaded the trial, set the password, I have checkmarks next to iProtect/Photos/Camera/MobilePhone. When I exit the app, if I try to open iProtect it asks me for the password, but I can still get into Photos, etc without a password. Does it not work with the trial version? I don't wanna buy it til I know it does what I want. And at this point it's not.. Any ideas on what I might be doing wrong?
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    2011-04-25 03:16 AM
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    You have to go to the settings and do some adjustment dude
    2011-04-25 04:05 AM