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  1. rdfisch's Avatar
    I'm thinking of buying an iPhone on eBay advertised as a few months old with a CLEAN ESN. Assuming it is truly clean at the time of purchase, I presume this means that it came from an account CURRENTLY in good standing.

    1) If it is clean at the time I put it on my account is there any possibility that verizon will transfer its contract obligation to my account (in other words, I currently am eligible for a discounted upgrade in 6 months or so - might they add 2 years or whatever is left on this iphone onto my account).

    2) If the original purchaser, stops paying their bill, will verizon blacklist the ESN and deactivate the phone even tho it is no longer on the bad account and has been activated on an account in good standing ?

    2011-04-25 03:42 PM
  2. starkall's Avatar
    Get the esn # and call Verizon and check on it. They will not take your upgrade or add 2yrs onto your contract. If you like, all the Verizon contracts in my area got bought out by Att so I'm getting switched to Att in about 2weeks and I'll have my mint 32gb iPhone 4 if you'd like to buy it. Has had a full zagg shield on it since day one. Let me know if you're interested.
    2011-04-25 11:33 PM