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    No AMOLED Panels for iPad 3

    There are numerous rumours going on about Apples next iPad, iPad 3 to be having AMOLED display panels. But all these rumours have been made baseless by the South Korean Company, Samsung Mobile Display (SID), which announced that their 5.5G facility would not be under production for the next couple of months.

    As observed, none of Samsung Tablet's have AMOLED display except the new Galaxy S2 smart phone, it is unlikely that Apple iPad 3 would have the AMOLED, as it is fact that the market is running short on AMOLED Panel supply and for a giant like Apple which sells over a million devices in a month, such drawbacks are not present in their dictionary.
    NO AMOLED for iPad 3 Display-ipad3_4.jpg
    Samsung being the solemn leader for the AMOLED Panels, it is not Apple Tradition to depend on a Single supplier to depend for their massive needs.

    So no AMOLED Display Panels for the iPAD 3.

    2011-06-01 08:53 PM