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    iPhone Upgrade Status:
    You are not Eligible at this Time - As a valued AT&T customer, we can offer you a discounted iPhone upgrade at a reduced discount, along with a 2-year commitment. You may qualify for a full discount on a standard iPhone upgrade on 07/01/2011
    Whether you are eligible for an upgrade or not, you can still proceed to the online store.
    AT&T discount the price of the iPhone which you payback with your contract, and i have upgraded every year on release day of each iPhone so not being eligible to upgrade is quite interesting. Many times you have heard of peoples upgrade dates being moved to coincide with the iPhone launch dates.

    Another thing to note that a day prior to this was down and getting "improved" which may be unrelated or may be linked to iPhone upgrade
    2011-06-02 08:35 AM
  2. johnr9412's Avatar
    didn't the same thing happen last year for the iphone 4? but if i remember correctly people's updates started getting bumped up like 2 months before the phone was announced
    my SPOON is too big
    2011-06-04 04:55 PM