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    Alright guys starting July 17th iPhone insurance will be available for purchase for the regular 4.99 per month. If it gets lost stolen or broken it will be a deductible of $125. Att exclusive right now!

    Quote from our email

    "AT&T and Asurion are excited to announce that as of July 17, 2011 customers activating a new Apple iPhone or upgrading to an Apple iPhone (or those still within 30 days of their transaction as of July 17, 2011) will be able to enroll in Mobile Insurance and the Mobile Protection Pack. Prior to July 17 Apple iPhone customers can still enroll in Mobile Protect to protect their Apple iPhone from loss, theft, damage and out-of-warranty malfunction by visiting Insure your iPhone with MobileProtect, the Most Comprehensive iPhone Protection.

    Mobile Insurance customers will be notified in advance of this program change so the following bill message will begin to hit AT&T Mobile Insurance customer bills starting June 1, 2011:

    AT&T Mobile Insurance Update: Effective July 17, 2011, the Apple iPhone (all models) will be eligible for coverage with the AT&T Mobile Insurance program. Enrollment restrictions apply. Customers can only enroll within 30 days of a new activation or upgrade, prior activations or upgrades outside of 30 days are not eligible. *For more information please visit AT&T Smart Controls: AT&T Mobile Insurance.

    Additional communication and training will be implemented in the weeks prior to the July 17 launch. Do not attempt to enroll customer mobile numbers with an iPhone into Mobile Insurance prior to July 17, 2011.

    AT&T Mobile Insurance is underwritten by Continental Casualty Company, a CNA company. A service provided by Asurion Protection Services, LLC, CNA's licensed agent for the customers of AT&T."
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