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    CoPilot Live Premium for iPhone and CoPilot Live Premium HD (iPad edition) are currently awaiting approval from Apple and are expected to be available on the iTunes App Store shortly.
    Key features in CoPilot Live Premium
    Personal Routes™: CoPilot Live Premium helps you find your best way to any destination with a choice of up to three alternate routes, displaying journey time and mileage for each. Fine-tuning the route is easy: simply drag the route to the preferred street you wish to take or destination to navigate to.
    Intuitive User Interface: CoPilot Live Premium puts all the navigation features you need at your fingertips, right when you need them. Simply tap on the map within the app to add it as a destination, access location-specific information, or share it with friends.
    Social Navigation: CoPilot Live Premium is all about sharing. Share your journey details and check ins with in-app Facebook and Twitter updates. Fully integrated Bing™ local internet search and Wikipedia makes it easy to find all the nearby businesses, services and local attractions you need.

    ActiveTraffic™: Connected, but not dependent on your mobile connection, CoPilot Live Premium provides seamless access to an array of useful dynamic online content. The optional ActiveTraffic™ service uses real-time traffic conditions to intelligently calculate the fastest route to your destination and automatically avoid delays.
    Superior Guidance In-car or On-foot: The sleek dashboard-style guidance display provides clear, non-distracting directions with a choice of 3D, 2D and Directions-only navigation views. Lane Assist arrows, real signpost information and realistic ClearTurn™ display provide enhanced guidance at complex junctions. An all-new walking mode with digital compass support* makes it easy to find the way around a city on-foot.
    What else can you expect?
    On-board/offline maps: Premium-quality NAVTEQ street maps are stored on-board your mobile device, not downloaded each trip
    Text-to-Speech (TTS) voice directions as standard: pronouncing actual street names
    Take Me to My Car: Save the exact location of your car and easily find it later
    Speed limit display and excess speed warnings
    Door to door trip planning: enter up to 50 stops and optimise the itinerary
    Photo Navigation: drive to a geotagged picture taken by your smartphone
    Copy/paste a destination into the address entry screen
    Enhanced map features with clearly labelled parks, rivers and lakes as well as country-specific road colours
    Detour feature: to avoid unexpected delays or specific sections of your route
    Thousands of updated points of interest (POI) pre-loaded, with in-app dialling
    Live Weather information
    In-app news and updates to keep you informed about improvements

    A Flickr gallery of CoPilot Live Premium images is available: CoPilot Live Premium_UK and Ireland - a set on Flickr
    More information is available at CoPilot Live v8 - welcome to way ahead: ALK Technologies
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