1. dukeysam's Avatar
    Hey everyone,
    I currently have an iPhone 3G without a sim card which I use as an ipod touch that can also make SIP calls. I really like it; however, I want to be able to facetime as well, so I bought a verizon iphone on ebay. Because I don't want to use this as any more than a glorified ipod touch, I bought one with a bad ESN (to save money).

    2 questions:

    1. on my 3G, I had to hacktivate and restore to get past the "phone locked" screen. If I restore my new verizon iphone, will i also be locked out of the phone completely? Will there be any way around this, and is there "hacktivation" for a verizon iphone as well?

    2. On my 3G, I had to use SAM to activate and get push notifications to work. Will this be a problem with the Bad ESN iphone 4? How can I use SAM on a non-sim iPhone to get push notifications to work?

    Thanks for the help!
    2011-08-14 07:23 AM
  2. confucious's Avatar
    AFAIK there is no way you can hactivate. Why did you buy it before asking?
    He who asks a question looks foolish for 5 minutes. He who doesn't ask a question remains foolish forever.
    2011-08-17 11:22 PM
  3. i.Annie's Avatar
    +1. Also, since VZW iPhones don't use SIM cards, the activation would go through iTunes simply by plugging the phone in. I don't know if iTunes would deny the activation bc of a bad ESN so ...
    2011-08-20 05:08 PM