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  1. PDADoctor's Avatar
    A 64GB iPad 2 WiFi+3G on the Verizon network is being delivered next week.

    I have a couple of questions about the 3G portion. I tried to get answers through the Apple Discussion boards, but mistake, I always seem to get smartass remarks. So here goes:

    I'm currently using a laptop with built-in Verizon mobile broadband. I don't use it much except when I travel to certain parts of the U.S., and then I buy a Verizon prepaid mobile broadband refill card (1GB for $50) and use that.

    Can I do this same thing with the iPad 2, or is there something special I have to do? Also, how easy is this to do? I know on my laptop it's extremely simple and I never have to go to or call Verizon.

    Any help in answering this is appreciated!
    2011-09-10 09:14 PM
  2. jhuff26's Avatar
    You have to call Verizon and get a $30 data plan for it.
    2011-09-10 10:30 PM
  3. PDADoctor's Avatar
    You have to call Verizon and get a $30 data plan for it.
    Are you sure? I was given to understand that one could use prepaid.
    2011-09-10 11:06 PM
  4. iYeow's Avatar
    I am sure you can use prepaid on your iPad, the fact verizon doesn't use sim card like gsm where you put the sim in, call verizon and find out.
    2011-09-11 04:38 AM
  5. PDADoctor's Avatar
    I think there's a misunderstanding here: I KNOW there's no SIM with Verizon and that it's CDMA. I also know that prepaid is possible.

    What I'm less sure about is whether I can simply pick up a mobile broadband refill card and use that, the way I've been doing with my laptop, which has built-in mobile broadband. And unless the world is falling apart, I would prefer NOT to call Verizon, too many bad experiences dealing with them on the phone. I asked here because I thought someone has to have used the Verizon iPad and might know.
    2011-09-11 07:30 PM
  6. Omfgodied's Avatar
    You can't use pre-paid cards for tablets unfortunately.
    Data pricing is as follows:
    2GB - $30
    5GB - $50
    10GB - 80

    Overage charges are $10 for every additional gig.
    -I'm a Verizon employee, so hopefully that helps.
    2011-11-04 02:34 AM