1. mcp2009's Avatar
    Just restored my 4.3.5 ipad to iOS5 and installed a uisettings & folder enhancer. I have 3 questions
    1. I noticed that when I put the springboard in edit mode it automatically leaves edit mode after about 2 seconds even if I am moving an icon its very weird any ideas?
    2. UIsettings that I have does not fill up most of the notification area and it is ugly is it like that for everyone?
    3. While I was in the process of putting all my games back into 1 folder (I have about 150 games) I decided to download multiiconmover, after installing it all my games went back into a folder and back in order just as they were in 4.3.5 before I restored to iOS5, thats awesome but how did it do that??
    2011-10-25 09:40 AM