1. tashrocca's Avatar
    I currently have a Verizon I Phone 4. Running on Version 4.2.6. I jail broke the phone using Greenpoison. When I receive a text message (or picture) with more than one recipient my Phone shuts off and has to be restarted. It states the springboard has crashed, Anyone else experience this problem, any solutions?
    2011-11-26 05:06 AM
  2. maxridgewood's Avatar
    It sounds like cydia is corrupted somewhere... That usually happens when u install and delete something you downloaded via cydia or something u downloaded is inncompatible or corrupted..
    My only suggestion without redoing the whole phone is try to re jailbreak it via www.jailbreakme.com.. It will reinstall cudia.. It will ask if its okay to rejailbreak.. Just say yeah.. That should fix the problem.. If not.. Make sure you have the sh files first and redo the phone from scratch
    2011-12-02 08:12 PM