1. thewolfe's Avatar
    I sync my Calendar, Contacts & Notes from Outlook 2003 through iTunes to my iPad and iPod. I want to quit using Outlook.

    I am starting to use Evernote for my notes which I can sync to PC and devices so it's just for calendar and contacts.

    I'd also like to use my calendar and contacts off-line with my PC which I can do with Outlook.

    And is iTunes my only way to sync my iPad & iPod to my devices?
    2011-12-03 08:10 PM
  2. geholly's Avatar
    Hello, I'd like to have my iphone contacts offline on my PC in the form of CSV or vCards too. is this possible without syncing my iPhone with iTunes/Outlook?
    2012-10-28 07:53 PM
  3. thewolfe's Avatar
    2012-10-28 08:46 PM
  4. Wyman's Avatar
    If you are running iOS 5 +, simply enable iCloud contact sync. Then log in to your iCloud account from a web browser on your computer and export your contacts to vCard on your PC from there.

    Alternatively, you can use some third-party program to export your iPhone contacts to your cmputer like copytrans contacts.

    2012-10-29 06:58 PM