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    A new project named SiriPrefs belonging to an Israeli developer, will help improve the operations of Siri significantly

    Since the iPhone was first released 4S only a few months ago, many developers have tried to assimilate the Hfitz'r everything that is Siri, who saw to make waves in the global blogosphere also complete the older devices except the 4S is basically the only device running the Siri legally for now. Day by day they had new projects ( they reported to you here on the site ) can do a variety of these and other operations and the sky is the limit.

    Israeli developer, talented guy named Danny Lisiansky, he began to develop new and interesting project named SiriPrefs. The project's goal is to do more by Siri that she had not pre-defined by Apple and thus make it actually run applications, access device-specific categories, etc.. The bonus of the above project that eventually he will implement the key to his project on instruments that have not been breaking JailBreak and it can be adapted also on the older devices, but a little bit differently, which would require installation of application Bing for free App Store. In addition, take old appliances break JailBreak receive the added benefit is the use Bfitz'r Bing session from anywhere on the device by pressing and holding the Home button to be set with the Activator as performing the operation to run Siri iPhone 4S. In addition, the key claims that Apple will not be able to block the project is to "to present and future in any way.

    The key works these days even matching application Google search that will allow to carry out these activities in any language and, yes, the holy tongue (Hebrew for those who did not understand) but he does not promise anything until it really will fit the application, the Google search if and when ...

    The Siri I'm sure you all already shipping to hear. Who had not yet had time to hear so I guess he was "in exile" for a long time or he just entered the field recently. If so, and especially those who have not heard what she pots and what is innovative in the field of voice control, following a detailed quote Wikipedia . Although the Wikipedia explanation that he did not exact, but it certainly provides a basic explanation to anyone interested.

    Siri is a system of artificial intelligence system iOS for devices iPhone , iPod Touch and the iPad . Natural language processing system to answer questions, give recommendations, carry out actions according to user requests and answer questions using information resources and Wolfram Alpha and Wikipedia . Siri was acquired by Apple on April 28, 2010 . Before the purchase of Apple, developers have announced that the system Siri will be available for devices Android and BlackBerry , but this design was canceled after its acquisition of Apple.

    System features include adjustment by the user's preferences over time and display the results of personality, with the ability to call a cab or even order a restaurant for dinner.
    The developer made a short video clip in which he demonstrates the steps in the article on his personal iPhone 4S

    He did not cared to explain to us how it works, but I'm pretty sure the world programming savvy, curious "and Google voles heavy" capable of understanding the combination behind the development itself. In addition, the key currently working on another project surveyed the site soon. The key states that currently do not expect the release of the project but is certainly open to suggestions from users who want to be used to express Tstrim for his project and of course they have knowledge and experience in Linux operating system. You can contact the following e-mail key articles: [email protected]

    Before you tear down the key, throw tomatoes, call boo or say "We have already seen" So yes, there are similar projects running across the network but no project (at least not one that I ran into him) implements the Hfitz'r described in an easy and smart as a key The above was able to apply and Cshisohrr project, you will understand very quickly what are its advantages compared to other projects that exist on the network.
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