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    I didn't know where else to put this (there doesn't seem to be a basic forum for discussing the latest 4S model unless it's related to modding the phone.)

    I became a new Sprint customer last week (Jan 4) and ordered the 4S 32GB in black. Received the phone very next day and phone had dead pixels on the screen...ugh here we go again!

    Called Sprint they sent me out a replacement phone immediately, received it today and guess what? Dead pixels on the screen AGAIN! Not only that but this time the home button had a nasty scratch on the right side of the button where the paint had been scratched/chipped off...I'm assuming from the factory.

    Called Sprint up again this morning and to my surprise they said no problem will send you out a 2nd replacement...I should have that by Wednesday (maybe tomorrow but probably Wednesday.)

    My 14 day cancellation date is on the 17TH but they told me if the 3rd phone also has problems that they would "work with me" on doing something, not sure what that means but honestly...I can't understand this quality from Apple. Steve Jobs would be flipping over in his grave if he knew this **** was going on...

    This is so frustrating, my friends tell me I'm OCD when it comes to phones but yea...I'm OCD if I'm refusing dead pixels on a screen...then yup I'm OCD alright. Why can't I get a perfect screen without issues? This is ridiculous!

    So I'm hoping 3rd time is a charmer...if not I'm cancelling and then reordering because I'm worried about that 14 day cancellation period...even though they said they would work with me, I'm worried on exactly what that means.

    Thanks for reading my rant.
    "Don't hold it like that!"
    2012-01-09 07:29 PM
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    No issues. Mine is great. Haven't seen any other issues either. Must be sprint beating on their inventory.
    2012-01-09 07:53 PM
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    Haha, lord I hope not. I will say one thing for them though, they are top of their game when it comes to orders and replacements. My original order shipped same day/received the next for free, the 1st replacement shipped same day it was ordered/received the next and now the 2nd replacement that was ordered yesterday was shipped yesterday and UPS shows it to be delivered today (Tuesday.) I don't know of any other mobile carrier that has ever done that for free.

    AT&T would definitely not even entertain the idea of replacing without first receiving the orginal back and they would take weeks to do it, T-Mobile is almost as quick as Sprint but not quite and I can't speak for Verizon. But I am very impressed with Sprint's service, I just need a phone that has no issues.

    Pray for me!
    "Don't hold it like that!"
    2012-01-10 05:39 AM
  4. Dayvidpriddy's Avatar
    I got my 2nd replacement and finally a perfect phone! Was definitely worth the hassle.
    "Don't hold it like that!"
    2012-01-10 06:26 PM