1. feidhlim1986's Avatar
    In terms of reading iBooks or Kindle App Books on the iPad 3, how does it compare to reading on specialized displays like a Kindle? Does anyone here have both an iPad 3 and a Kindle? How would you compare both for reading books?

    I don't want any comparisons to the fact that the iPad does a million things more than just books and the kindle only really does books, or the huge price difference.

    What I want to understand is if the new retina display on the iPad 3 makes reading easier on an LCD screen.
    2012-03-19 02:25 PM
  2. Rexboe's Avatar
    I have both I read on the kindle and do everything else on the iPad. I like the size of the kindle for reading. As far as the screen goes I can't tell much difference when reading the iPad might be a little better but not enough to get rid of my kindle. By the way I have the Kindle Fire.
    2012-03-29 03:37 AM