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  1. BzowK's Avatar
    Good Afternoon All -

    I've got an iPad 2 Wifi 32gb on 5.01 which is jailbroken. Currently, I'm having a few issues with it to where I'd usually reinstall iOs & the jailbreak, but can't seeing as currently having 5.01 blobs don't allow you to do this + there's no JB for 5.1.

    Therefore, I'm trying to find a way to possibly fix these issues without an iOS reinstall.

    The issues I'm, having are...
    - iPad slow / slow to respond to commands when in Springboard - In App seems fine
    - Bluetooth in Settings ion greyed out - cannot turn on or off
    - Complete reboots take me directly to safe mode. I must then respring to get it 100% up

    Fixes I've thought of...
    - Uninstalling all Cydia apps at once, then reinstalling them
    - Using commands in the Reset menu (Reset All Settings, Erase All Content and Settings, etc) Don't know how this would work with jailbroken iPad.

    The last thing I want to do is make it worse or to the point where I have no choice but to reinstall iOS. Then, I'd have to go to 5.1 and loose my jailbreak altogether.

    Any ideas? Thanks!
    2012-04-03 08:25 PM
  2. celeron's Avatar
    Try Uninstalling cydia tweaks and starting again by installing only needed tweaks.

    Like you said, restoring would be the last option.
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    2012-04-03 08:32 PM
  3. Tanbam's Avatar
    An easy way to do a cleanup is to go into Cydia and remove Mobile Substrate. This will also remove a LOT of other Cydia installs, but sometimes that's a good thing...

    After you do that, it should run like an unjailbroken phone. You can start again from there.
    2012-04-04 05:35 AM
  4. expl0itfinder's Avatar
    I agree. Mobile substrate may have a faulty extension. Removing it will remove a lot of stuff, but nothing vital to the system, or the jb. This will undoubtedly fix the issue
    2012-04-05 02:28 AM