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  1. Junkdumpster's Avatar
    Hey all. I'm using an original iPad, iOS 5.1 jailbroken tethered with redsn0w. I'm having a considerable amount of trouble with app crashes, and while I've figured out patterns, it's still really annoying.

    I've tried obvious things such as clearing off memory (mostly by deleting movies), resetting, deleting more recent or questionable Cydia apps, ect. I also read so
    somewhere that disabling iCloud features would help, and it did seem to help a bit. But none of these techniques have made a significant enough difference.

    I love using dreamboard themes, but I know they eat up a lot of RAM, so I've been sadly using them less and less, because crashes certainly do occur more frequently when using the themes. Ideally, I'd like to find some way to keep using them with less crashes.

    Does anyone have any advice, or is there some Cydia app that can help figure out what the problem is? Am I using too much RAM, is my iPad just too filled up, or could it be a bad jailbreaks/Cydia app? (I have about 12 GB out of 64 free, and I really only have reputable Cydia apps installed)
    2012-04-05 05:43 PM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    You can download sbsettings and that will run ya ram usage on te top of ya screen next to the clock.
    2012-04-05 06:36 PM