1. Amadomon's Avatar
    What I'm suggesting (however sarcastically) is that YOU go ahead and get the new iPad. I already have.

    People who wait discount the value of current use. The Next Big Thing better be extraordinary in order to justify foregoing current use.
    Quaerite et invenietis.
    2012-05-16 02:24 PM
  2. iRockADI's Avatar
    If you wait to 2013 then there will be 3 new iPads, as iPad 6 or iPad 5s :lol: and then you'll say " should I buy iPad 5s or wait for 6"...
    2012-06-02 10:04 PM
  3. Eathelin's Avatar
    According to me go and buy a new ipad,do not wait for 2013.Because the features and apps offered by the new ipad is amazing.
    2012-10-02 01:16 PM
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