1. Dave3389's Avatar
    Hello friends just updated sky go and now getting that annoying message saying its not supported on a Jb device. I'm guessing Xeon isn't updated yet. Anyone no of another fix ?
    2012-07-04 05:34 AM
  2. H4CK3R's Avatar
    Unless you're willing to search the file system, no.

    He's currently working on updating it for this version of Sky Go so it shouldn't be too long.

    My tip for you: NEVER update an app that has jailbreak protection without knowing that xCon has been updated.
    2012-07-05 05:08 PM
  3. Dave3389's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up. I ont usually update my apps like that. Anyhow thanks fo the elp and advice
    2012-07-06 03:57 AM
  4. H4CK3R's Avatar
    No problem.
    2012-07-06 04:00 AM