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    Hey guys, i'm having some issues unlocking by my 4s.

    The phone is orginally on sprint, has been jailbroken on 5.1.1. I used to reset sim provided and selected "Sprint" as the network, then removed reset sim.

    Once I insert my sim along with gevey, I was shown the popup from gevey with the license code. However, I kept getting the activation screen and not able to get past that.

    THen I used the dial 911 trick to by pass activation. Installed furious mod and entered my license code. I then got like 3 or 4 signal bars, however, it did not show any network name like "t-mobile" at the top.

    If I go into setting-phone, I can see my correct phone number there. However, I am not able to make any calls. And like every 5 minutes I get the activation screen.

    What I have already tried:
    Going into the root file system and deleting the "Carrier Bundles" and "Carriers.Bundle" folders. But that doesn't do anything for me.

    Any suggestions?
    2012-08-13 01:52 AM