1. mykez's Avatar
    Hello. There seems to be mixed answers to this question so will ask here to confirm.

    I'm looking to buy The New iPad on the Three network, on a monthly contract. If I do go for this option will the iPad be locked to the Three network?

    Can anyone recommend another network to obtain The New iPad ?
    2012-08-23 12:59 PM
  2. imanono's Avatar
    Does the three network offer the iPad with their service? If it doesn't, that means it can't be bundled. So you would have to get an unlocked iPad wifi+3G or get an AT&T iPad wifi+3G with no plan on it, and then unlock it. Then you can start using the iPad on the three network.

    Don't bother buying a sprint or Verizon wifi+3G with no plan, they use CMDA sim cards. Oh wait nvr mind u can't do it cuz they are built in and u can't take them out forget everything I said
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    2012-09-01 01:58 AM