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    hello there
    im a new member in this forum

    i have a problem, internet doesn't work in my ipad2 its connected but doesnt work

    here is what i did before this problem hapnd:

    i was trying 2 make celeste work
    so i saw this topic { http://modmyi.com/forums/celeste/791...e-ios-5-a.html }
    and i opnd SBSettings > Mobile Substrate Addons > Celeste SSHelper (Turned it off)
    then i uninstalled it and forgot to turn back the sshelper ON
    then i found celeste , gremlin and bt stack in another topic and re installed it from that topic then turned sshelper ON
    and i restarted the device and the internet didn't work after that (celese doesn't work either)

    i also have AirBlue installed it works sometimes
    i installed installed iZip and iZip.com but i don't think they affect anything

    so whats the solution 2 this problm
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    2012-08-24 02:19 PM
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    problem solved
    2012-08-24 09:46 PM
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    2012-08-24 09:59 PM