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    Ok so I thought I was doing the right thing and was verifying the ESN when I traded phones but turns out there is a flaw in the Verizon online ESN checker.

    I have a iPhone 4 that is through Sprint, which I didn't see that until after I got home...was looking for just the MEID and it is a clean number and Verizon's site said it was clean to activate but apparently they only check the number to see if it's bad and not if it's a Verizon MEID to activate. When I check online through the it says it's a clean ESN on Sprint as well.....

    Before I go ahead and dump it to someone there isn't a way to make it work on Verizon? CDMA has the same stuff inside even though Verizon wants to tell me there isn't...
    2012-08-30 02:21 AM