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    My iphone's modem firmware is 04.10.01. According to what I read, Gevey is my only option. So I took a look at their website and saw there are a few different gevey sim cards. I don't know which one I need. I bought the phone in 2009, so I'm pretty sure it's a GSM phone. I read the description for the gevey sim card for the GSM iphone 4 and it said "This GEVEY unlock solution is recommended for expert users only!" I'm definitely no expert, but I've hacked ps2's, wii's etc. before.

    Is the gevey method that complicated?

    I have a H20 wireless SIM card that I wanted to use with the iphone. When unlocking the iphone with gevey, does the card need to stay in there continuously, or only during the unlocking?

    I'm sorry, I think I put this post in the wrong place since my phone is not CDMA, and not Verizon. I got my phone in Japan.
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    Gevey and your SIM card have to be together in the SIM tray. That's all.
    Take the Gevey ultra, you will need to do a small procedure to fire it up.
    Use googe a bit, There are many tutorials and videos explaining how it works.
    2012-09-26 11:04 PM
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    Why dont u just go to Ebay and have ur iPhone unlock for less than $7 and u won't have to worry about gavey anymore go here Factory Unlock Code Service for AT&T (ATT) USA Apple iPhone 3GS 4G 4S Permanent | eBay
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    My iphone is not AT&T
    2012-09-30 05:23 PM