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  1. rolfian's Avatar
    Hi all, Had strange problem arise today. While waiting for brakes to be done on my vehicle, I was playing some games on my 4S and when done decided to read a little from an app(?!?) I recently got from Cydia called Hackers Handbook. Is it coincidental that after I exited this app, my phone is now missing 40+ games and apps along with custom folders which I had created? This all happened within a matter of seconds. When I later plugged my phone to PC, Itunes reflects the same thing!! I had not so recently had my phone connected to PC and so was able to get many apps back. Any ideas what happened as I am at a loss? Hope this is proper place to post. Thanks for any help!
    2012-10-02 02:38 AM
  2. 2k1's Avatar
    Was this a third party repo?
    2012-10-02 02:44 AM