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    Hey guys. I have a jail broken iPhone 4s on 5.1. I have a lock screen weather widget and a sb weather widget. I have them updating like every 3 hours. I notice that when I use safari or twitter my battery drains fast. Today I got to work at 8 and it was at 95%. I used it on my 15 min break and it's down to 82%.

    When I'm not using the phone I turn everything off under sbs settings. I have the brightness at 50% and I still think it drains too fast. I've done some reading on several other forums. Is this just a bug in the iPhone? Does updating to iOS 6 fix it. I'm not updating till there is a jailbreak out.

    Any tips would be helpful is there anything in cydia i can download that would help me save power. Do the weather widgets drain a lot of power even though I only update them like once every 3 hours?

    Thanks guys!
    2012-10-11 04:32 PM