1. mrpolo413's Avatar
    i have a sprint iphone 4 which im currently still using it has the jailbreak im still under a contract with sprint on it but the bill is way to high and im trying to figure out how to unlock it for virgin mobile, simple mobile, boost etc or if it can even be unlocked at all.

    if someone can help me with that it would be appreciated
    2012-11-03 07:51 PM
  2. Orby's Avatar
    Unfortunately, the N92 iPhone (iPhone 4 CDMA) lacks a SIM card slot, so it cannot be used on any GSM carrier.

    Further, because of the way the CDMA network technology works, no CDMA carrier, including Sprint's subsidiaries, can (or perhaps the better term is "will") accept an iPhone not purchased explicitly for their network.

    About all I can advise is paying the early termination fee, selling your iPhone, and trying again with a different carrier. Keep in mind that Virgin Mobile and Simple Mobile (Boost does not carry the iPhone, and because of the aforementioned CDMA hurdles, you can't take an iPhone with you), will require you to pay full price for an iPhone (cheapest one I've seen is $400 with Cricket) in order to escape a contract.
    2012-11-05 01:52 AM